Under the experienced guidance of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Shadwell, have long aimed to put in place a programme of Arabian racing across the world to help develop the sport in countries where it is its infancy as well as continuing to support events in the UK and France where it is better established. 


Under the banner of Shadwell, events have been sponsored in several countries but this new initiative aims to bring these together under one banner: Dubai International Arabian Races.

Shadwell’s Chairman, Mirza Al Sayegh outlined the aim of the initiative in a press conference with the Italian Racing media at Capannelle Racecourse: 


“The idea is to help countries by supporting racing, in particular Arabian racing, to develop it as a sport.  We know Arabian racing has a way to go before it is at the same level as Thoroughbred racing but we hope this programme will encourage breeders, owners and trainers to get more involved in the sport.”

Alongside Shadwell, our partners help us promote Arabian racing worldwide. Discover them here.
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